What's so special about a

babydoll box?

Every month our team of Babydolls design a package of cute, fun, and glamourous surprises that get mailed right to your doorstep! Each month has a different theme, so your babydoll box™ will always be filled with new and exciting products ranging from glitter, to jewelry, to bombshell beauty items! Sometimes we even make our favorite self care creations from scratch!

We believe that women are stronger together, so each item we put in your box is something we truly think you will enjoy as much as we do. We'd love it if you tag us on Instagram so we can share your excitement and you may even win a free Princess Box! We understand the importance of rewarding yourself, and with that in mind, we want this box to be an amazing gift for you. Each month will include whimsy, useful, cute, fun, and unique surprises. 

We put a lot of love into deciding what items we'll use in each box so you can try something new every month.


  What's better than receiving a gift picked out for just you?