Best Holiday Gift Ever? You Bet It Was!

Every year the holiday season comes in to greet us like an old friend that gives the warmest hugs. We are so happy to see it and grateful for a time when we can put our cares aside to help spread some cheer. We appreciate all the wonderful things happening around us and enjoy the gifts we receive from those that love us. But there is always that one gift… the one that stands out in our memory and reminds us of a very special person and that specific holiday. Every year we remember that special gift and hope to have another such present given to us by another loved one.

For me, it happened in December of 2012. What a year that had been! So many changes, so much drama, and boy was I ready to start the new year! My family and children were right there with me too. We had all been through the ringer that year. As we gathered around the tree in our living room we were grateful to have made it to this part of our celebration. We handed out gift after gift until one was handed to me. It wasn't flashy and it wasn't big. The simple tag read "Merry Christmas, hope this helps! Love, Mom." I opened up the white and green striped paper to find a book called The Lotus and The Lily by Janet Conner.

It was a book… yay? "As if I didn't have enough on my plate" I thought to myself. The book was a 28 day program, intended to be used along with journaling, to help one reconnect with their higher-self and find purpose when they feel lost. I thanked her but put it aside with my other gifts without thinking twice about it. The next day, when I was tidying up, I came across it again. Instead of putting it on the bookshelf, as I had fully intended to do, something told me to open it. I sat down and began to read it… That gift changed my life. I had started reading and couldn't stop! I grabbed a notebook to use as a journal out of my kids old school supplies. That was the beginning of the end of an abusive marriage, I started spending more time with my children, and began understanding the true meaning of self-care and self-worth.

All of my life, from then on, was so much better because of that single gift. I have thanked my mom repeatedly since then. Who would have thought that a book about journaling would have such an impact? I know neither of us had thought so! We have discussed many times how she just grabbed something she thought I might like and how I just happened to crack it open to skim the pages. So grateful I did! Every year I think about how such a random and small gift packed such a wallop. The gift of self-care really can change a life for the better, and I am living proof.

This is a huge part of why we started My partner and I have seen the amazing changes that can happen when you start caring about yourself. The life changing gifts that make you actually realize how much better you can be by simply caring for yourself more. Whether you give the gift to yourself, or receive it from a loved one, self-care is the present we all need. Our boxes are designed to help this happen and give the gift of remembering how important YOU are to YOU.

What is your favorite gift that you have ever received? We would love to hear about it! Comment below and let us know. We can't wait to hear your favorite gift stories!

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