The Gift That Keeps on Giving... In a Good Way!

Hello again all you sweet Babydolls,

The holiday season has us feeling a bit crazy but it also has us thinking about what the new year will bring. Have you been thinking and feeling this too? How many of you have been asked what you want for this holiday season? How about what plans you have for the new year?

Obviously, self care is at the forefront of my mind and many others during these trying times. But one thing that has helped me get through this difficult period has been my hobbies and thirst for knowledge. This is a great form of self care and this is a perfect time to start something new or rekindle an old passion with the help of those we love. Take the plunge and ask for that bread baking kit! Or how much did you love knitting back in the day? Ask for more yarn, needles, and scissors. Always wanted to learn how to speak another language? Take a look at the multitude of language learning software and classes out there then request help from family and friends as your gift for this year.

Cutting back on all the clutter in your home and beginning to organize? Do not be afraid to ask your loved ones for their support. Many people enjoy tidying up and would love to spend a few hours helping you sort, organize, donate, and trash items.

Ask for those bins you need or the bookshelf that would change the flow of your space. People love to help others and be helped in return. This is a gift that will help everyone involved feel more accomplished. I know I have asked for this in the past and will need to again!

'Tis the season of giving and receiving with joy and hope in our hearts for a wonderful new year. Let’s take the time to analyze what we really want this coming year and ask for the things that could spark a lifelong passion or change in us.

Happy Holidays!

The Buxom Babydoll

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